Meet Nancy Benson ...Nancy Benson, Director

Founded by Dr. Nancy Benson
(1948-2012), the Treehouse Learning program is now a continuation of her personal and professional commitment to the field of education.  Nancy enjoyed a lengthy career in public school and higher education, spanning elementary, middle and high school, community college, and university teaching.
She also taught adult classes in English as a Second Language.  She held an M.A. (1975) with specialization in reading K-12, and a Ph.D. (1979)  in education with focus on evaluation methodology, both from CU-Boulder.  Grown daughters Susan and Amy were influential in shaping her notions about parenting.  Until August 2012, Nancy maintained an active role in the leadership of Treehouse Learning as one of several directors, and enjoyed writing, speaking, and research on topics related to early childhood education.  Her daughters are continuing her legacy of Treehouse Learning, with the expertise of Head of School, Patricia Gee.



Professional Memberships




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About Treehouse Learning



Our primary mission is to support and enhance early learning for young children, believing that children deserve excellent care and nurturing in the company of early childhood professionals. Our mission also includes advocacy for quality child care, support of early childhood research and education, and serving as resource for parents and community.  Our facility, curriculum, and community events all contribute to these goals.

Developmental research has identified “windows of opportunity” in children for future learning in language, analytical reasoning, spatial relationships, physical coordination, and musical ability. Recognizing the incredible growth that occurs in the first five years of life, Treehouse Learning is committed to enhancing this critical learning period by providing the most enriching and supportive environment possible.  Fundamental to our mission is our commitment to maintain a knowledgeable, responsive teaching staff dedicated to early childhood education as a career and a profession. 


The quality and professionalism of our Treehouse Learning teachers clearly demonstrate our values and mission of behalf of children. Models of lifelong learning themselves, our teachers share a commitment to the early childhood profession, and live their work with dedication, skill, and integrity.   They are truly the heart and soul of Treehouse Learning.

Within each classroom, Treehouse teachers establish secure and respectful relationships with children, responding to their individual interests and creating appropriate challenges.  In addition to being thoughtful observers, our teachers are intentional--modeling language, encouragement, positive behavior, making choices, and offering open-ended activities to children of all ages.

Selected for their expertise in early education and their enjoyment of children, our teachers are well-paid professionals who have much to offer our Treehouse program and families.  Classroom teams of fully qualified teachers assure consistency of routines and curriculum.   Most are scheduled for four longer days to enhance communication between teachers and parents on a daily basis.

At Treehouse Learning, we actively encourage longevity and promote career development. Several classroom teachers are also director qualified, and most infant and toddler teachers have earned a supervisory certificate. There is direct financial support and scheduling adjustments for continuing education. Our program benefits include medical and dental insurance, paid holidays and vacations, as well as a company-matched retirement plan. 

Treehouse Learning’s investment in high quality teachers is readily seen in our classrooms. Our children, from infants through kindergarten, are constantly learning. They are friendly, happy, engaged, social, and secure while away from home, in the company of their friends and wonderful, caring teachers.



Administrative Team

Our administrative team further assures that the Treehouse program functions smoothly, maintains licensing requirements, keeps direct focus on excellence, and effectively communicates with parents and teachers.  In addition to the director, there are two teaching directors who provide educational leadership within our classrooms, and two administrative assistants.  Our active parent group joins the program’s efforts for teacher appreciation and support of special events.
Left to Right: Patti Gee (Head of School/Director), Sarah Mares (Asssistant Director, Infant & Toddlers), Chelsea Foose (Assistant Director, Preschool and Lead Teacher-Forest), Julie Fordyce (Administrative Assistant).

The Owners

Treehouse Learning OwnersSusan Benson Horn and Amy Benson May, daughters of founder Nancy Benson, along with their husbands, Bryan Horn and Osei May are the owners of Treehouse Learning. Their goal is to facilitate Treehouse's mission and honor Nancy's vision of a strong contribution to early childhood eduction in Boulder County. Susan and Amy are often present in the building several days a week, sharing the dual role of owners and parents at Treehouse.

Susan and Bryan live in Windsor and thier son, Garrett Henry, and will turn three in December. Garrett is a student in the Aspen classroom.

Osei and Amy live in Boulder and their daughter, Palesa Sela will turn four in October. They will also celebrate their son, Ikechi Shiloh's first birthday in October too! Palesa is in Evergreen this year.